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As a member of "the old nine", Rosendaelsche Golf Club is also one of "the first nine". Our founders Aalbrecht Del Court and his son Gerry were pioneers in their time; they introduced innovations that would make the game of golf even more attractive. Today Rosendaelsche Golfclub is still a progressive golf club. And you will experience that!

New tee markers

At Rosendaelsche Golf Club you play from numbered tee markers instead of the traditional colored tee markers; there are no longer "men's" or "ladies'" tees. You will increasingly encounter this on (international) courses. This promotes playing the best matching tee, also alternating between the other tees. Your course handicap at the chosen tee can be seen in the WHS NGF course handicap tables. Playing from the best-fitting tee increases the enjoyment of the game: this has been the NGF's motto for several years. The number of the tee markers is based on the rounded length (in hundreds of meters) of the course as played: 65 [white 6451m], 60 [yellow 6034m], 55 [blue 5515m], 51 [red 5120m], 46 [orange 4624m].

Few distractions

At Rosendaelsche Golf Club you will experience the Veluwe nature to the fullest. We only use attributes where really necessary: fences, barriers, trash cans, paved paths: you will only encounter them sporadically.

Promote our flora and fauna

Rosendaelsche Golf Club is located in a Natura 2000 area. We give space to nature and do as much as possible to promote nature and allow it to flourish.