Please note the mowing blocks in the course calendar from May through September.
On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the 1st and 10th tees are closed until 8 a.m. The greenkeepers need this space to perform their work so that you experience less inconvenience.

The job status will have current info on that day's work.

The 2nd phase of the course renovation began in January. Click here to access the drawing of the 2nd pitch area.
Click here for an impression of the track renovation

Week 32 and 35

In week 32, Monday, August 5 through Thursday, August 8, there will be Drill and Fill work on the greens.
In week 35, Monday, Aug. 26 through Thursday, Aug. 29, there will be major maintenance on the foregreens.


You can meet the autonomous mower in the lane!

The machine is equipped with cameras at the front and rear. Large obstacles from 50 cm or golfers, bags, trolleys and buggies are detected with these. If these come close to the machine, the mower will stop; as soon as you are no longer in sight, the mowing will continue.

Impact bumpers:
As an additional safety feature, the machine is equipped with impact bumpers at the front and rear, which, when pressed down, bring the mower to a stop.

The robot fairway mower can also be stopped by a greenkeeper via remote control, so there is always a greenkeeper nearby for supervision. The robotic fairway mower can also send its own messages in case of a malfunction or when it has finished mowing.

Golf balls:
The machine will move golf balls in the cutting line to your advantage or disadvantage. If your golf ball is in the cutting line, you can remove it temporarily and put it back; do not use a marker. It will go through the cutting unit and may cause damage.
Note: If your ballis under the mower, NEVER take it out! Wait until the machine has moved.

Never hit when the machine is too close and/or driving into your batting lane.
You can, however, just hit from the tee with the maxim: avoid the machine as much as possible to avoid damage. 


When working with a machine, the flashing light will be on. When the flashing light is on, this means that you may not hit. As soon as the greenkeeper stands aside and turns off the flashing light in combination with raising his hand, you can hit again. During the mowing of the greens with the hand machines this will only be the raising of the hand. In the case of aeration work on the course, giving a signal will take longer. The greenkeeper usually gives a signal when he is out of range with the tractor by turning off the flashing light. If you do not notice this, he will raise his hand or sound his horn.

It is an interaction of give and take, where the safety of the greenkeeper is paramount. We try to disturb you as little as possible while you are playing golf, but we do ask for your understanding.