Preparations for this great event are already underway! We are going to make it a fantastic week of golf in July! Below is an update:


A team of 10 volunteer doctors, all members of our club, will be on hand to provide medical support for the tournament.

Runway preparation

On Monday, July 4, a LET staff member in a baby carriage will set out the course for the tournament. There may be some inconvenience from this during play.

B connection

The course will be closed from July 10 through July 18. The NGF has asked the boards of the NGF clubs whether members of Rosendaelsche Golfclub may use their hospitality during this period. 


Drone shots will be taken of the course in the early morning hours on June 23, and a group of "influencers" will have a clinic on the back of the driving range on June 25. These activities are organized by the NGF as part of the publicity surrounding the tournament. Golfers will not be inconvenienced by this while playing.


A promo village will be set up at the back of the driving range. Screens will also be placed there on which the British Open, while enjoying a drink and a snack, can be followed.

And the youth have also been thought of. They can play super fun games during the tournament.

The promo village will be constructed the week prior to the tournament, from 4-7 through 10-7. This may cause some inconvenience due to truck traffic that must drive to the back of the driving range.

The tee on hole 4 will be moved forward during preparation week.

Queens on the Greens