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Application form for your interest in a membership at Rosendaelsche Golf Club. Should you wish to apply together with your partner or another family member, please complete a separate form for each applicant.


The application for membership must be supported by three (3) voting members of the Association.
These supporting members must be voting members of the Association for at least three (3) calendar years and have not supported two (2) applications in the current year.

Excluded as supporters are:
- board members up to 1 year after termination of their board term - members of the New Members Advisory Committee, up to 1 year after termination of their committee term
- relative to each other: spouses, partners or 1st degree relative
- relative to each other: partner or 1st degree relative

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Other questions

Here are some questions to get an impression of you, your background and your motivation for wanting to be a member of Rosendaelsche Golf Club
Have you previously or currently been a member of any other golf club? If yes, which one?


Entrance Fee: The entrance fee for a member 28 years of age or older is 150% of the annual dues, which can be paid in 3 installments. If paid in a lump sum, the entrance fee is 140% of the annual dues.
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